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maiznieks 2020-05-22 03:13:19
Honestly, i expected more from a charger that costs $60 discounted. I've been using older turnigy accucell 6 since 2010 and it was superior in many aspects. Anyhow, back to ISDT Q8. I've been using it for 5 months now, so i can tell my honest, unhyped review - Pros: + Small and lightweight + Modern looking + Does not heat up when discharging batteries at 1-2C. Have not tested more. + Supports li-ion, lipo, passtrough and much more Cons: - Very noisy when discharging batteries, even at low C (fan airflow is not blocked) - Restarts when the battery is done balancing. Why? No idea. - Forgets the mode after restart. So if i discharge battery, go for a longer coffee and don't stop after it's done, it will restart on it's own and reset to charging mode for the next action. That's a big con. - The menu is really badly planned. The charging mode is on top, start is at the bottom. If i click the menu button for too long, it opens settings. I can't just press back to get get out of settings right away, i have to scroll to the bottom of the list. That's also a big con imo. - It does not save a preset for each type of battery (i.e. 6S should always have a different charging rate than 3S or 2S). I have to change them separately. - Changing the charging rate is unintuitive - you press down for bigger and up for smaller. That's counterintuitive, but okay. Can get uset to this. Old turnigy charger handles this way better in all aspects, but the fact that it's bigger, older and only discharges at 1A. I would not buy a ISDT charger again, despite it being advertised as really good by all youtubers.
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maiznieks @Jose, Did you solder the supplied caps? If so, add another 1000mF cap to the battery terminal, that could help.

maiznieks 2020-05-22 03:13:18
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Q: Does it have linux drivers? Will it work with ubuntu linux?

Asked by maiznieks on 2020-08-06 02:08:28

Waddleeeenn Theory should be possible, UVC/UAC protocol.

2020-09-05 02:01:27 Helpful (0)
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Q: Supports inav? What is the name of the firmware

Asked by Jose Lisandro Lopez on 2019-11-26 11:13:23

maiznieks Inav is supported, latest version works for me. The target was omnibus F4 if i recall corectly, but i could be wrong. You can see the target if you connect to betaflight and check existing firmware.

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Q: when they will be shipped?

Asked by atelefunken on 2019-11-02 08:55:45

maiznieks Paid November 6th. It's January 2nd now, still not shipped. WTF?

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FlyingHighh I think you're right pal. I ordered a month ago. BG said it would shot 2nd Dec. Then all my order info magically disappears from BG and no notification. luckily I had screen shots and order info saved elsewhere! Ended up getting a refund because they had no answers why it happened or when the product is even available!

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