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: does it hav altitude hold?

BG169315325 2021-04-28 10:22:32

BobWet No, it does not have altitude hold. It is well made, flies quite fast and very smoothly, but it is a very basic FPV drone. The head and tail light are very bright and easy to see. Note that the camera has a limited number of frequencies and does not do all 40 channels. Video is transmitted only in the PAL format, it cannot transmit in NTSC format.

2021-04-28 11:38:34 (0)
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BobWet If you look at the top of the board, at one end you will see a label saying "WiFi". Next to that label (to the left of the W in WiFi) you will see a small gold circle. That circle is for an external antenna that uses an IPEX connector. When you buy an external antenna, you must either get one with an IPEX connector, or you must also purchase an adapter to connect to the board's IPEX connector. To attach the antenna's connector, simply push it onto the board's connector. To remove it, just pull it off.

2021-04-21 05:47:55 (0)
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BobWet Yes it comes with a camera. I did not find a way to switch to NTSC, so I am using mine with PAL. The camera can be mechanically tilted up and down. Video frequency is set by little DIP switches under the cover. It transmits video on a limited number of channels..

2021-03-20 03:02:39 (0)
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: Can the lens be easily removed? Thanks

upo39487209 2021-01-01 09:25:25

BobWet The entire lens arm can, of course, be unscrewed, but the lens itself cannot be separated from the lighting section. Also, although the alligator arms are easy to adjust, the lens on the arm can be a bit of a pain because it is hard to adjust its position. That being said, I think that this item is terrific and I recommend it to anyone who has to work on small objects.

2021-01-01 09:56:15 (1)
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BobWet The 3 pin jumper is used to change the mode of operation of the counter. When the jumper is across the middle pin and the pin near the edge of the board, the unit will operate as a frequency counter and will tell the frequency of any waveform that you connect to the blue connection terminal. Be careful because the specifications say 30V maximum. That probably is peak to peak for the waveform. Personally, I would not go anywhere near that voltage. When jumper is on the middle pin and the pin that is far from the board's edge, then the unit becomes a crystal checker. If you then plug a crystal into the three pin terminal that is accessible through the whole in top of the case, the unit will excite the crystal and will tell you its frequency.

2020-11-03 04:15:01 (1)
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: this tester also measures lipo 1s batteries?

telefonoazien.a 2019-11-03 03:19:43

BobWet NO! It does not measure a single 1S battery. With only a 1S battery, the screen will remain blank. This is a great cell meter, but I had to also purchase a separate meter so I could check my 1S cells.

2020-08-21 07:42:11 (0)
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