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dmtz Excerpt from the operating instructions: Operational mode (playing music) 1) Play music: Press the multi-function key or operate the player mibile phone (some mobile phones will automatically start music player when connected to Bluetooth stereo. 2) stop music: When playinc music press the multi-function key or operate the player on the mobile phone.,watch?v=MwDAfNoMzeY 3) Last song: When playing music press L multi-function key for3 times. Next song: When playing music, press R multi-function key for 3 times. 4) Increase the volume: Long press the left button fot 1,5 seconds. 5) SIRI: Whenplaying music, double click the multi-function key of any ear. Operating mode (answer,call) 1) Turn of: Open the charging box, Take out the headphones, and the headphones will turn on automaticaly, 2) Turn of: in the boot state, press the multi-function button for 2 seconds when the power is off. After booting, the headset goos into Bluetooth matching stafe, and the LED lights start to flicker. 3) Answer the phone: When calling, press to multi-function button on the earphone. 4) Reject calls: When calling, press the multi-function keyfor 1,5 second. 5) End the call: In the call, ptress the multi-function key.

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Q: Aun disponibe?

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Q: can I use a 12v car battery?

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dmtz Specifications: - Can be welding 18650, 26650, 32650 lipo battery, it is portable, stable and reliable - System voltage: 12V-14.6V - Working current: 90-150A - Suggested battery: 1. 20-45ah Lead-acid battery with good performance and small internal resistance 2. 3.5-5.5ah 45C 3S aeromodel lithium battery pack 3. 30-35ah capacity 18650 battery pack -This circuit with a 12V battery will become an energy storage spot welding machine for welding nickel pieces such as lithium batteries and nickel-chromium batteries. According to different configurations, the thickness can be about 0.1MM-0.15mm

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