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deepblue NO it's a SINGLE OUTPUT 12VDC power supply. The residual voltage between earth and the + and -12V outputs is a so-called parasitic floating voltage. Generally it is the -12V which must be connected to earth for all that is amplification circuit to avoid this parasitic voltage which creates significant residual noise in the case of switching power supplies such as this module. You need 2 identical modules to create + and -12Vdc, where the 0V will be connected to the ground for the assemblies where the noise factor must be as low as possible. you will use the -12v on one of the modules and the + 12V of the second module. The + 12V of the first module will be connected to the -12V of the second module. This connection point will become the 0V of your assembly. Then connect the 2 masses of the modules together to earth and if the noise factor must be as low as possible connect this common ground point to 0V

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deepblue The controller card is too weak to support such power (size of regulators), type of components, cooling ventilation too insufficient. It would be desirable to have a power card controlled by the base controller and supplied directly by a separate adapter The controller board of the basic kit is already heating up too much from my point of view, and on my 2 kits, I have already mounted a fan for the basic 7W laser

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Q: vocês tem a curva de potencia desta turbina?

Asked by filgueiras on 2019-08-31 06:15:07

deepblue Ces renseignements ne sont pas livrés avec l'alternateur. Les 5 pales de l'hélice auront un rendement plus important à vent plus faible et le choix du 24V permettra de limiter les pertes en ligne si votre câble électrique est long et vous évitera une section trop importante pour justement limiter les pertes avec un courant fort. Tablez sur 800W en continu pour vous éviter de mauvaises surprises. 12A par phase sous 24V *3 (sortie triphasee)

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