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Jinxter78 Im not saying you are wrong, but how could the FC be damaged by switched cables in the camera? Could there be a short in the camera? What happends if you connect your battery to the camera?

2020-11-10 11:06:24 Helpful (1)
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Q: does it support google play store and netflix?

Asked by Peter on 2020-11-10 06:46:18

BG518151113 Google Play Store is not supported in unrooted FengOS. You can install 3rd party apps (.apk file or suggested apps by FengOS) like Aptoide Tv Store to get a Play Store like without Google. With it, you can install Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Disney+. You can also root your FengOS (operation only for advanced users) to install Google services.

2020-11-20 04:16:05 Helpful (0)
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