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Tinks it has at least 4 18650's and all the electronics for the charging and current control and is housed in a anodized aluminium case with 2 seats of welding tips to say the least. And that's why you cant make one for $5.

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Q: How many welds per charge ??

Asked by JayBee on 2020-05-14 07:50:18

Tinks it says in the description thousands when fully charged.

2020-05-18 05:43:54 Helpful (1)
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Tinks It's not misleading you are not paying attention to what you're doing, virtually all things for sale on Bangood have multiple options Read the advert in future and don't go clicking willy nilly then you'll get what you paid for. I've been a customer for years and not made the mistakes you are making.

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