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Bravedan The maximum size that fits is a common rectangular flat 1S 450mAh sold by EMax and GNB amongst others for quads like the Tinyhawk Freestyle and Tinyhawk Race, but the car does run for a surprisingly long time on the supplied small battery. (The 520mAh size is too long) The supplied 300mAh does get hot in use though, so I suspect life would be shortened by running it low. Its a faff to change batteries due the battery bay lid only being retained by the screws, no clip, and adding velcro, even the low profile stuff, makes the battery and so lid too proud. And charging via the onboard USB is as you'd expect slow and even that needs body removal without mods! Other than that, they are a good little model. They are an ideal intro tool for FPV. I have three.

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Bravedan From my experience (of two) they can't be used on anything!!

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Bravedan 2020-12-07 08:03:37
I order one 29 Oct, wait ages, told to wait even longer when its clear its not even left the sending country (Spain), clear it never arrived with Spanish courier, yet I'm told to check tracking when the LOCAL courier only states "notified, not received" Get asked the same questions time and time over, even though I have answered them, just time wasting. If I say my address is right (and other items from BG are arriving OK and I am flagging delivery!!!!!!!) WHY ASK THREE TIMES MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally they send another, this is correctly addressed, and tracking shows it gets to the UK, but then UK courier sends it to the wrong delivery centre in the UK, and so delayed even more going back to hub, then to my local depot, then to me. FINALLY the replacement is delivered 7 Dec. And it DOES NOT WORK. No instructions included either, but obtained online in case they had changed from ones I got with earlier purchase. Yes, it is a fully charged battery (volt tested). Camera works, radio either faulty or unable to bind. Bind process not working (its supposed to be ready bound anyway, previous ones were). After about an hour of trying (inc recharges) I get it to bind, but then find that range is desperately short, like two metres, when the other two are quite happy roaming all over my house floors. Replace battery with known good, STILL short range. Aerial looks OK, connected to board, not tangled, out straight. I have two of these that work perfectly, but not this one!!! This was a Christmas present, ordered in OCTOBER on "within seven days" supply. SO Frustrating.
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Q: Can it be used with Eurgle 9x transmitter???

Asked by teopbako on 2020-12-02 07:43:11

Bravedan Its Flysky (not FrSky) format so any Flysky or multi-module offering Flysky as an option will work.

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Bravedan There are numerous Websites and Forums covering builds. Suggest you look at Oscar Liang's for a start.

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Bravedan The red board now being sent is Revision 5 (REV5), this does not bind to earlier revision Eachine Transmitters. As of date of this post Eachine E010's are still being issued with REV3 Transmitter/Receivers, and this board will not work to a REV3 Tx.

boroda 2020-09-19 04:32:02
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Q: which transmitter is needed for this reciver

Asked by Swapna Baruah on 2020-03-22 01:57:21

Bravedan Red coloured board now being issued is marked Revision 5 (REV5). I have tested this and it requires a Rev5 Transmitter as the bind is different so earlier revisions of Eachine Tx do not work. As of 15-10-2020 Eachine E010 delivered to me are still REV3.

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Bravedan The best Mod for these is to carefully remove the stick tops from the domed base,its a push fit, and extend them. This makes the stick movement greater for the same action, making it less violent. There are various ways, 3D printed extensions, etc, but my favourite is to use some 3mm thread hexagonal studs (available here cheaply in various lengths) drill the thread to a force fit, shorten the thred end slightly, and glue on the stick tops. Have done this to over 50 of them used for a school club, for use as quads or converted to racing hovercraft.

BG441516432 2020-03-22 10:28:27
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