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Q: Hola lo ensamble y no me funciona alguna solución para que funcione??

Asked by daguerrenicolas1 on 2019-08-04 09:29:43

CLIFF WALL Verifiquey vea que TODOS los componentes estH7

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CLIFF WALL Receivedaccording to the agreement but the KIT did not bring the glue, the energy source and complementary elements such as barrels etc. missing several accessories and no instructions for assembly. regards Normally kits are not supplied with glue, they can dry-out or leak. For the instructions there is a large QR code near the bottom of the screen, that will download the instructions to your phone, download from your phone to your computer as you would with pictures. There are 132 pages in the manual. Regards missing pieces get in touch with customer service (contact us) Normalmente, los kits no se suministran con pegamento, pueden secarse o tener fugas. Para obtener las instrucciones, hay un código QR grande cerca de la parte inferior de la pantalla, que descargará las instrucciones a su teléfono y lo descargará de su teléfono a su computadora como lo haría con las imágenes. Hay 132 páginas en el manual. Saludos piezas faltantes ponerse en contacto con el servicio al cliente (contáctenos)

gringo 2019-05-29 10:00:47
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Q: Does it have good illustrated English instructions?

Asked by jamescrombie on 2019-07-21 01:29:59

CLIFF WALL The instructions are in both Chinese and English with pictures, do a web search and see if you can download ZHL's manual.

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Q: 2 pcs

Asked by rashidwyd916 on 2019-06-04 04:04:22

CLIFF WALL According to the description you get 2 pieces - 2Pcs 30/45/60CM Soft Switchback Sequential Signal Lamp Headlight Kit LED Strip DRL Light - 60cm

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