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Paul Kroon 2019-01-14 08:50:40
Not for the faint hearted. Yes, it requires soldering of SMD components. This item is more work than the smaller flat rotaters because you need to solder 4 24 pin SMD chips.It is definitely easier than the spheric rotator in which you must also solder the little LED's at the side of a PCB. It is not clear from the description that this model runs on 12V. But it is mentioned on the PCB and in the schematic. Testing can be done on 5V, because it will rotate, and the LED's will light up. But the turning is off. I have yet to find out how to set the clock. One person mentioned that the 1.5K resistors are missing. Yes, but a set of 2.2K resistors are provided instead. Use these. There are NO spare LED's, so be careful not to loose even one. I ordered the blue kit, which has a red LED on the most outwards position. But that LED is not supplied. I took one from my box with spares. Be careful with the LED receiver. Follow the manual as you have not to follow the direction on the PCB. This is mentioned on several places. For the DC female connector you must disobey the manual as it is wrong at that point. Ignore the middle connector. I blew the U4 chip, with the result that LED 5 will not light up. I might repair that later on. Otherwise: a decent kit, but certainly a bit expensive. Oh, and I have not been busy with the reprogramming. All is in Chinese. I have to subtract points for that one. Their appear to be only 3 pre-loaded pictures. Value for price: too expensive, costs 2 points. Quality: for the exchanged resistors, missing outer LED, lack of description on how to set the clock, costs 2 points Appearance: lack of english description on how to replace the code: costs 1 point.
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Q: Please tell me the remote control functions

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Paul Kroon I have exactly the same issue as raucci: The Red ON/OFF button starts an animation that quite rapidly goes into a mesmerizing blinking in all random colours. The menu and test buttons turn the lights off. Some combinations of buttons will give you a new animation, but whatever happens, the animation will either end in darkness, or in the mesmerizing blinking of all. I cannot figure out how to get animations I want.

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Q: 1uf250v

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Paul Kroon Not on the list. You probably need another type of elco.

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Q: Exactly which cable is used for this sensor?

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D3monan Glory it comes with the cable

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