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Q: What happened to shipping to Canada?

Asked by Flyercan on 2020-06-02 06:38:52

Pqgarvis You can ship your order to almost every country, and free shipping is available for most destinations. You can't ship an order to the Chinese mainland, South Sudan, Yemen, Crimea, and Syria, but all o... See More

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LYNN i think the speed rate will not be effected, it is only a expansion card with a heat dissipation aluminum case

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burtrezek Yes.It will work while charging... I try to avoid doing that thinking it will shorten battery life.

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Q: 110 or 220v? US plug or EU?

Asked by Flyercan on 2019-08-04 02:13:44

90730643 Idid not received the order No. 73762325 yet even now is 25 days is over ?????

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Q: What type of battery is inside this light?

Asked by Flyercan on 2019-07-29 23:15:07

Pipsqueek It is 1200mAh rechargeable battery.

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