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Franco 2014-08-28 12:45:40
The high voltage output of the module has a constant value ( perhaps around 400Kvolt ). This is why you have to set a distance of not more than 15mm. between the output electrodes. At any input voltage (3V. to 12V.) the maximum lenght of the sparks remains the same: 15mm. if you increase this distance, the spark doesn't appear anymore. What changes is the frequency of the sparks. At 3 volt you have about 3-4 sparks per second and at 12 volt you have much more sparks/sec. (perhaps 30-40). As you increase the input voltage the current increases too. 3,0V=1,2A; 3,5V=1,4A; 4,0V=1,67A; 4,5V=1,8A; 5,0V=2,0A; 5,5V=2,25A; 6,0V=2,5A; 6,5V=2,75A; 7,0V=2,90A; 7,5V=3,0A; 8,0V=4,0A; 8,5V=4,0A; 9,0V=4,0A; 10V=4,0A; 11V=4,0A; 12V=4,0A. Every test lasted 3 seconds. I think that the 4 Amps maximum limit is due to the diameter of the input cables that are quite thin and also think the best supply voltage for this module is about 7V, so two 18650 in series, with no current limitation, make a good job.
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  • Franco The output voltage is about 45.000 volt and not 400.000 In dry air for a voltage of 30kv you have a spark of 10mm. So if you have a spark of 15mm. the voltage is 45kv.

    Reply 2014-08-29 07:13:13
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