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Reman 2020-01-09 13:49:17
It's mostly made out of aluminium, Even the sliding dovetails are alloy (With a brass gib), So I doubt this is going to last forever, And it's design seems to have been thought out so as to make it by using the least amount of material as possible. It also uses normal screw threads on the lead screws rather than acme threads ............ BUT, if you understand that you're not going to turn a flimsy little 100080 mini drill press into a high precision baby manual milling machine with this It's actually quite a useful little accessory. It's really handy on a drill press for small projects that need reasonably precisely groups of holes drilling. You can clamp the workpiece down and use the dials on the handles to move the work the required distance to the next hole (As long as you keep going the same direction. Mine has about half a turn of backlash). it saves a fare bit of time marking out before hand. The gibs can easily be tightened up until the beds unmovable, but if you're careful you can pinch them up just enough that it's still pretty free moving, but has next to no play in it. It may have been built to a budget, But that doesn't necessarily mean it's been built badly. I'm pretty blown away by it's value. I think with a few tweeks it could possibly even be used with my large angle block as a poor man's milling slide on my lathe.
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