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NiketaC 2020-09-02 11:51:06
We unboxed together and I tell you my impressions considering that I have never had a Futaba, JR or other famous brands even if I held them in my hand and tried them for a short flight. I confirm 90% of what is said on this forum:  1) the gimbals are soft;  2) the side potentiometers are light and do not hold the center well;  3) the central potentiometers are soft but return to normal and have a good center;  4) the display is not exceptional but can also be seen in the sun and sideways;  5) the light of the chicken foot keys is not visible to the keys alongside as illustrated in the first receipts  6) the audio is not very loud, but sufficient to hear unless you are deaf.  Having ascertained all this we have:  A) opened the radio and stiffened the gimbal without the need to replace the springs, it is now perfect;  B) we have placed an o-ring on each side pot and now it is very good even if it is not the best;  C) the central potentiometers have been left as they are;  D) the display is good it is only a little striped but perhaps only in the protective film;  E) the lights of the chicken foot buttons are perfect, most likely this defect has been resolved but the solution was not visible and my friend was not he wanted to dismantle the radio to see;  F) the audio is low but it could be fine if you are not deaf, as soon as we will make the holes with a drill bit. Plastic forward will not look so ugly apart from the battery cover which is slim in thickness.  The range is excellent, we did the range test on the ground:  I) Jumper R8 120 meters lost signal;  II) RX8R lost the signal at 230 meters;  III) X8R lost the signal at 245 meters.  Conclusions the radio is not high-end as hardware, however it is a good radiotx, if we consider that it cost about $ 113 from Banggood it is an excellent Radiotx if to all this add OpenTx then it is SUPER GOOD EXCELLENT   
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