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Q: is this recommended guard for a 1407 3600kv 3" prop?

zapytał BG102522443 na 2020-06-15 01:20:16

nmw01223 Works for me on a 1306 3" prop.

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Q: will this fit 11xx motors with 3in props ? thx

zapytał Danaperez na 2020-06-08 08:46:51

nmw01223 Since an 11xx motor is not very tall, the props may not clear the guard.With a 1306 (15mm tall) the clearance is ~2-5mm. An 11xx is also a bit small for a 3" prop?

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Q: Is this good for R.C. Boats?

zapytał BG084781557 na 2020-05-19 02:53:22

nmw01223 I would guess that unless geared down a lot, much too high RPM, much too low torque.

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Q: Can I bind this with FlySky FS-i6 i6 transmiter?

zapytał timi123457 na 2020-04-22 02:48:24

nmw01223 No. This is a FrSky receiver supporting the ACCST protocol (and more lately ACCESS), both of which are proprietary FrSky protocols. The only transmitters this will bind to are FrSky transmitters, and some multiprotocol transmitters such as Jumper T12 and T16 which have a multiprotocol module. There are some other protocol modules that can be used with an i6 but I don't know anything about them. There are some other very small rx modules that will bind to the i6, eg

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Q: how to be procedure to switch PAL / Ntsc ???

zapytał m.capasso.77@gmail.c na 2019-10-10 07:38:38

nmw01223 Re answer from Ambrisial 5/11/19: Are you sure about that? I think the Betaflight OSD setting is to tell it what to expect from the camera, not to set it. Someone else said there is a button on the camera for this. Does not appear to be the case. I can find no way of setting this. The three connections are simply V , V- and video out.

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