What Can BG Points Do?

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Points Q&A

QWhere can I find the details of personal points?
A:To query personal Points, you can enter "My Account > My Points".
QDo Banggood points expire?
A:Yes, Banggood points expire on December, 31st of the year after the one in which you have earned them, so that all the points you obtained in 2017 will expire at the end of 2018.
For example, the points you earned in 2014 will expire at the end of 2015. You can always use them for one year before their expiration date.
If you want to see your points balance, please log in to your Banggood account and go to the My Points page.
QCan the Points be deducted by shopping?
A:When BG website (including PC terminal and mobile terminal) shopping, the payment can be directly deducted from the order with full credits.
QCan points be exchanged for goods?
A:Under the condition of insufficient points, enter the "points mall", select the desired goods and click "exchange".
QCan points be exchanged for coupons?
A:Under the condition of full Points, enter "My Account >My Points", select the coupon and click "exchange".
QHow do I return the points?
A:if A product that used points for payment needs to be returned or rejected, BG shopping platform (including PC terminal and mobile terminal) will return the number of points actually paid in this order to the account, and the valid period of returned points remains unchanged. If the valid period has passed when the points are returned, it enters A direct order and is not returned.
QWhy can I not exchange my points?
A:Please ensure to be logged into your account to redeem some points. If you can see your username appearing on the upper right of the checkout page, this means that you are logged in.
Points can not be used in the following scenarios:
Flash deals products;
Products at unbeatable prices;
Drop-shipping orders;
Products with a promo tag;