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sg8760 2019-01-17 11:30:36
difficult to get started to te camera how to program , and use wich libraries ?
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  • sg8760 checkthis simplified code : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhrSWB4qWXg

    Cevap 2019-02-02 03:44:22
  • alvaroargentino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Z_XnBYFhY

    Cevap 2019-02-06 10:34:11
  • cesco Withthe "esp32 camerawebserver" example be sure to use "#define CAMERA_MODEL_AI_THINKER" and it works fine.
    To upload via serial you have to connect gpio0 to gnd and reset. After upload undo gpio0 and reset again.

    Cevap 2019-03-09 12:35:17
  • forget_patrice https://youtu.be/tzmcXZ-irIc

    Cevap 2019-04-23 21:53:33
  • josn0 Themodule is pre-flashed with a (simple) demo camera webserver. Power it on (using 5 V on the 5V power pin (near the reset button) and ground on one of the GND pins). Then find the new accesspoint with your laptop or phone (forgot the name, but you'll find it). Point the browser to I think it was for a picture, for a stream. If you have a USB-serial cable, connect that to pins marked U0T and U0R (and GND of course), Start some serial communication prog on the PC, set it to 115200 Baud, then poweron the module, or push the reset button. If you have no output, you probably have TX and RX wrong: swap and try again. It shows you lots of boot messages, and ultimately shows you the SSID to connect to, and the URL's to use.
    Later you install the arduino gui, add the esp32 boards, and try the CamWebServer demo that is included. There is lots of help on Youtube!

    Cevap 2019-05-18 21:49:13
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