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  • July-15 2020 15:31:01

    Nice little device. Not the greatest quality, but definitely acceptable for the price. Everything seems securely soldered and cleanly laid out. Haven't had a chance to test it out, but it looks in working order. Just the lugs are a bit low quality. Other than that, it looks like a good product. Very useful if you have a spare atx power supply lying around, and need to test some components out on the bench with fairly common voltage requirements. Recommended.

  • August-19 2020 18:03:21

    This item was well packed, arrived quickly, and was undamaged. It appears to be good quality. I'm going to use it to build a general purpose bench top power supply from an old computer power supply. It will make the wiring much cleaner and easier. I recommend this item.

  • March-08 2020 09:02:18

    great to turn atx power supply into bench power supply. binding posts are plain simple (no banana plugs support) but they can be changed to any other binding post that has two nuts on the other end.

  • June-03 2020 18:26:58

    It is a pretty nice gadget. Its four outputs (+12, +5, +3.3, -12 Volts) are all equiped with a fast 5A fuse, and it has a Power On red led and an ON/OFF switch, that turns the whole power supply on and off (it does so by connecting / disconnecting the Power On pin of the ATX PSU - normally a green cable- to ground). The PCB traces for the +12, +5, +3.3 Volts are wide enough to carry a 5A current. The trace for the -12 Volts is much smaller, which is OK as the -12 Volts output of the ATX PSUs usually

  • July-03 2020 11:58:03

    Praktischer und guter Baustein. Um eine defekte Sicherung sofort zu erkennen, habe Ich unter jede Sicherung eine kleine LED gebaut. Der Ausfall einer Sicherung ( Kutzschluss ) ist jetzt sofort erkennbar.

  • April-07 2020 20:09:21

    Excelente adaptador. Transforma uma fonte ATX barata em uma útil fonte de bancada. Ótima Qualidade e Aparência. Excelente Relação custo / Benefício.

  • January-03 2020 08:40:18

    Works as intended, Its a pity that the terminals are not real banana plug sockets. The supplied terminals only accept flat terminals or wrapped around wires.

  • November-03 2020 07:10:32

    way bigger than what i initially tought, but working great, tested only by multimeter and everything works as advertised, great stuff 👍

  • August-04 2020 06:15:51

    It seems this module will meet my needs. I will use it to make a power supply for developing mainly ESP projects. Will be used together wit an ATX power supply and some 3D printed parts.

  • July-30 2020 14:37:18

    Took 12 days to arrive in Sweden from UK storage, a bit longer than I was expecting. It works fine, but the product came dirty, like it was previously used, as showed on the photos.


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