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anwitham This will work. search for Tip Replacement for ProsKit SI-B161 Battery Operated Soldering Iron on Banggood or use this link. https://www.banggood.com/Tip-Replacement-for-ProsKit-SI-B161-Battery-Operated-Soldering-Iron-p-986440.html?cur_warehouse=CN

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Q: Does Bangood stock replacement tips for this soldering iron?

Soran yarmon1 Açık 2019-12-16 04:28:42

anwitham The replacement tip for the ProsKit SI-B161 Battery Operated Soldering Iron sold on Banggood will fit. I used the tip from my ProsKit iron on my Tonfon and it works. https://www.banggood.com/Tip-Replacement-for-ProsKit-SI-B161-Battery-Operated-Soldering-Iron-p-986440.html?cur_warehouse=CN

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Anthony Download "YCC365 Plus app. from http:/qr01.cn/CDGVnE. Choose either IOS APP overseas or Android App overseas, unless in Chinese mainland. After installing the app, register an account. Click sign up and set the password. After powering up the camera, wait for the camera finishes its start-up procedure. Reset the camera by pushing the reset button for five seconds, which is next to the SD card slot behind the little door at the bottom of the camera. When resetting is complete a voice will say "please configure camera by scanning code or AP hot spot." I used the scanning code. This will produce a QR code on your phone which you put in front of the camera itself . Then click connect to network. Instructions on your phone will tell you to connect to"CLOUDCAM_XXXX" network on your phone's wifi. Return to the YCC365 plus app. Choose next, and select your own home or business Wi-Fi and login with your Wi-Fi name and password. Wait until you hear the voice say Internet connected welcome to use your cloud camera.

Sighon 2019-12-08 21:22:07
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Q: 240 volts? AU Plug?

Soran graemet25408 Açık 2019-05-11 10:52:23

anwitham It charges via USB C, so it will come with a USB C cable that plugs into a USB port. So if you have a 240 volt USB charger with a Australian Plug it should work. This shaver looks the like the Xiaomi So White shaver I have, it uses USB charging. I just plug the USB cable into my Australian USB charger. USB C is 5 volts DC just like A and B.

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