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Q: Can anyone confirm the wind resistance of 14m/s?

Soran Fannar Þór Bergsson Açık 2020-01-14 12:27:18

WoutNL I'veflown the drone early in the morning in quite windy conditions off of the coast line in Tenerife. It seemed to handle that quite well, although I doubt it was near 14 m per s (50 km per h). It was around 36-37 km per h (around 10 m per s) according to the UAV Forecast app. Should you fly in strong winds: try flying full speed against the wind first, to see which speed your drone handle. That way, you know whether your drone can make it back to you when you fly along with the wind. Also: be sure to take into calculation that your drone needs more time (and thus battery power) to return. You might want to return your drone a little earlier than usual!

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