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Q: 2400kv is not 6s rated

Soran Bonemyster Açık 2019-05-14 01:24:29

Povd that depends on many different things, one being motor size. kv tends to go up the smaller the motor gets. 4000kv 5500kv is normal to run on 4s with a 1104 motor but if you were using a 2207 motor 2400kv to 2900kv would be more normal for that size you see. 2400kv is not out of line for 6s on this size motor, in fact for that matter diffent company has produced a 1506 3000kv motor that can run on a 6s just fine aswell 👌

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Danbot DJI has 120fps@120hz which is a major selling point for me, but FPV folks wont get this, since they dont know much about high-refresh-rate-gaming.

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jonyvilla wangshuinong: si estas vendiendo otro color como paras la produccion hermano ?? acaso no quieres vender ??

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Q: Will the frame be sold seperately?

Soran Bonemyster Açık 2019-06-10 05:21:22

Samchan Accessories are not for sale.

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Bonemyster its not nonsense as ive had nuts comea loose on motors that only have cw. The nonsense is up there with your initial statement as ypu clearly dont underatand physics at all

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