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  • Felipe
    2018-09-04 04:59:48

    The voicings are really pleasant and it's a big joy to play on this kalimba. I was wondering if it will be good enough for me and it overcome my deepest expectations. Great sounding device for quarter of price. Thank you. ... now looking for Artec A1-OSJ mic or similar to record stuff on computer.

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  • 2018-12-17 02:52:47

    I didn't expect this. It's incredible for it's price. All the accessories are great too. Sound is beautiful. I couldn't be more happier with it. (They tuned it before sending too.)

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  • 2019-03-26 18:37:32

    Nice object, lovely sound. Comes with a manual, a small bag and a tuner.

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  • 2020-04-30 08:41:26

    коробочка немного помчалась, но на калимбу это никак не повлияло. всё что было обещано входило в комплект. сама калимба очень приятная. Звук красивый, громкий. увесистая. пара язычков были расстроены, но с помощью тюнера их было легко вернуть в норму

    Bình luận
  • Yascin
    2020-02-11 05:12:29

    I bought this for my nine-year old niece who, after playing around with my Hugh Tracey kalimbas expressed an interest. As with other reviewers I was quite pleasantly surprised. The quality of this instrument is quite comparable to the Hugh Tracey treble, at less than 1/3 the cost (compare: $140 for a Hugh Tracey treble). You can find cheaper kalimbas in the $10-$30 range, but most of them are poorly made, and little better than toys. This, on the other hand, is a real musical instrument. The build

    Bình luận
  • 2020-01-14 11:13:21

    Elime ulaşması ortalama 30 günü buldu. Ülkemin gümrük girişinde biraz bekledi. Sorunsuz olarak ürün elime ulaştı. Kalitesini ve sesini beğendim. İçinden çıkan aksesuarlarıda beni memnun etti.

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  • alenc83
    2020-01-16 08:25:33

    Very nice instrument, comes nicely packaged and includes everything you need to get you started. To tune it I used Android APP: Tuner - Pitched (Chromatic mode), because it is better and a lot easier than the recommended one. Overall I'm very satisfied, I only wish it would came to me sooner (2 months shipping time).

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  • 2020-03-06 08:09:14

    Really good quality and good solid material Thanks for the seller for a 30 days shipping time

    Bình luận
  • 2020-09-08 14:04:21

    Калимба потрясающая! Шла 2 месяца до Беларуси. В комплекте молоточек для настройки, инструкция, наклейки, силиконовые чехольчики на пальцы, а также чехол и тряпочка для протирания. Калимба звучит супер, очень нравится! Спасибо продавцу ❤️

    Bình luận
  • 2020-08-17 06:05:44

    Потрясающе ! выглядит отлично и звучит супер , шло в беларусь около месяца . коробку кто-то успел пробить, но все хорошо упаковано, поэтому ничто не пострадало. Спасибо продавцу!

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