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  • Gần đây nhất
    2019-12-02 16:50:13

    Described with 3 words "Value for Money". Good quality of electronics, very cheap and 100% working. Here in Greece these electronics cost like 2-3$ each. Imagine spending 7.50$ for 37 sensors instead of 74-111$. I just saved so much money buying these from Banggood and in general from China. I chose the 15day delivery and they arrived 3 days before the expected date of delivery. Nothing more to say, another great and value for money by from Banggood. Love this site!

    Bình luận
  • 2020-01-10 20:46:28

    Great value for the price. Mine were in antistatic bags, some didn't have a tear slot, but that is what teeth are for. Took awhile to open them all. Many are really bent up, took even longer to make sure there were no crossed wires and make them look like the examples. Some are poorly soldered or located, but for the price I can straighten pins and resolder components if need be. Took even more time to catalog them and determine types and why multiples of some things, start a collection of sketches

    Bình luận
  • Goxy
    2020-06-05 10:29:49

    I received a package of 38 pieces, ie bags filled with air, so that the entire contents are as they should be. Quality as good as on offer.

    Bình luận
  • einkauf
    2019-12-06 06:54:58

    The starter kit came containing all sensor modules covered by its own plastic bag. Quality and price is very good.

    Bình luận
  • 2020-09-27 03:16:34

    Many accessories, useful. I would have preferred a larger presentation of each piece, but with a little effort you can find everything you need on the internet.

    Bình luận
  • speleos
    2020-05-01 03:49:52

    a big pile of sensors. some simple, some complex. arrived somewhat crushed, packaged just in plastic bags. the downloadable files are useful, as they have code for each sensor.

    Bình luận
  • 2020-04-28 07:06:25

    i got a 40 in 1 sensor kit today 3 more than ordered, thanks you there is no description on the sensor witch one it is, that is a minus point delivered in 19 days

    Bình luận
  • 2020-03-02 10:18:36

    I love the deals on Geekreit parts on Banggood! These are in a bag and individually sealed in anti static bags. Great value for the money!

    Bình luận
  • 2020-01-27 06:36:39

    everything was as described in the article by the seller

    Bình luận
  • 2019-12-19 12:15:27

    Diverses sensors pour apprendre en s'amusant. Parfait et pas cher j'en ai commandé 2.

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