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  1. Banggoodアカウントにログインします。

  2. コンビニ支払いを選択します。

  3.  [注文する]をクリックします。コンビニ支払いページにたどり着きます。

  4. 地元のコンビニや銀行を選択して、支払いの詳細を確認してください。

  5. 支払いガイドの指示に従って支払います。




We accept konbini as a payment method:

Only available for orders shipped to Japan. 


  1. Log into your Banggood account;

  2. Select the konbinipayment method;

  3. Click “Place your order”. You will be redirected to the konbinipayment page;

  4. Select your local shop or bank and check your payment details;

  5. Follow the payment flow instruction and pay.


Supported local shop or banks:

Lawson, Family Mart, Mini stop, Seicomart, pay easy, ATM, Net Bank/Mobile Bank


Notes:This payment method cannot be directly refunded, any refunded transaction will be credited to your BGpay or PayPal account.

Please note: We cannot refund directly to this payment method, if you request a refund, we suggest you refund to BGPAY. A BGPAY refund is fast and has no additional fees. If you choose to send money via PayPal, the total refund amount will be less as you will need to pay all PayPal commission charges. PayPal charges commission according to your PayPal account rate.

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